On the Road Again

Getting on my bike today for the first proper time in 8 weeks felt absolutely amazing.

My legs certainly didn’t know what hit them when we left for Alderly Edge averaging 19mph and pushing up any sort of ‘hill’ we came across. Riding with 14 people instead of being alone made all the difference too and I just came home with this massive sense of satisfaction.

We ordered pizza to share for dinner as neither of us could really stand in the kitchen and although a couple of negative thoughts swooped into my mind I think I handled it really well. I think doing the exercise meant I was more relaxed with my food choice and the fact we had really pushed in the ride made me feel happier.

Theres always a massive link to me being happy and me being far more relaxed with my food choices.

I know that if I rode alone I wouldn’t have ridden that fast and I feel so proud of myself. Its always so hard to get back into the group rides, its always so easy to stay in your comfort zone and trundle along by yourself but riding with the rest made me push so much harder and it even felt great to meet some of the new riders as well as my old friends.

My legs, after having a 8 week break, kept struggling occasionally but its amazing just how much we worked to motivate each other. It really does go to show that no matter what the situation is, if you’re with other people you can really push for more or get further. Motivating and helping each other out is definitely key and I’ve always noticed that in regards to my eating disorder.

I’ve always noticed that having more people around me who know about my situation and my struggles just makes me come on leaps and bounds. But in regards to today, being able to ride, and knowing it was just so unfortunate I broke my foot and my ribs, made me want to make the most of it. I have disabilities that prevent me from doing things, disabilities that make me susceptible to injuries and so I just need to make the most of it. No point wondering when something bad is going to happen and if I have the time to work out then I should.

Make the most of things. I have lots of opportunities open to me that others simply don’t have and if I’m able to be on the road again, then I’m going to make the most of it.

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