Walking Disaster

So much for getting stronger, so much for feeling happier. It’s all come crashing down and true to my style, oh so monumentally.

Thought I was getting better but crashed so hard. I can taste the burning at the back of my throat. I can feel the acid.

I was doing so well but that conversation, that fight, past memories I had almost gotten over came raining down on me, drowning me.

So many things I don’t want to think about. I was moving on, I was slowly forgiving myself for what happened. I don’t understand why he wants anything to do with me, after all this time.

Why would anyone want anything to do with me. Im just this broken walking disaster. Where’s that girl, from last night, so confident and proud to be herself… why has she disappeared so quick?

How does one conversation with a single person make her  shy away again? Why does everything I do, everything that I think is right, isn’t right? Why can’t she do anything right, keep everyone happy, herself happy?

One big, huge failure.

No ones ever going to love that, always be worthless.

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