Walking down the street and I can feel myself smiling from the inside out. Late at night, fairy lights in all the trees and a light breeze in the air. Bit of a spring in my step, walking to the beat of that music and I can just feel the pleasant ache in my cheeks from non-stop laughter with the girls.

And I’m happy.

Beautiful from inside out.

I was almost at my front door and I saw the park across the road and I didn’t want to go in just yet. I wanted to soak in more of that fresh air and so I wandered over. There was no one around and I remember walking to the middle tilting my head back to look at the stars and lifted my arms in the breeze.

And I smiled.

All that fresh air in my lungs and the weight off my back. And me, just me, arms spread wide and smiling at the world.

And I’ve never felt so free.

Felt free because its been another good day…because I’m happy.

The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage. (Thucydides) 

The past few days, the past few years have seen me be nothing but courageous.

And for that I’m proud but, most importantly, I’m happy.

Broken free from that demon once again.



3 thoughts on “Free

  1. I love to stand like that, in the wind 🙂

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