Challenge Accepted


You know that saying, the one that goes along the lines of ‘boys are like buses, they all come along at the same time?’ Well I will be damned if that hasn’t been true this past week.

Within 4 days of getting ‘dumped’ (I’m using quotations because it was strictly platonic according to one person). I had 4 guys get in touch and 3 of them asked me out by the 2nd January. Unfortunately, my cute-as-anything NYE kiss wasn’t one of them but that’s besides the point, also I don’t quite expect him to get in touch anyway.

Now this isn’t a bad thing per se…but oh my god! Do these boys have bad timing? 4 days after getting dumped, in the middle of my assessment period and literally within the space of 48 hours! Please, Dating God, if you exist, just cut my dating life a bit of slack lately! … please?

Best of it is, these aren’t even guys I’ve met through apps. They’re real life boys I’ve met in real life situations who clearly like me for me. But why at the same time? Why now? Why 4 days after getting dumped? Oh wait…sorry… ‘dumped’. Can’t forget those quotations!

Anyway, speaking of my assessment period…I’m coming into my first round of law school finals so I think I need to sign off from writing for a bit! But at the beginning of the week I was nominated for a challenge by StillnessinWoe and because I’ve left it a few days, I can’t find the post! If there was ever a lesson to be learnt to do things when you should, this is it.


So here I am, signing off for a little bit but I can guarantee I’m bound to have loads to fill you in on when I come back!

Laters Lovelies ❤


My nomination from Stillnessinwoe ❤

Twitter: @elenip92
Instagram: @elenipapa92

5 thoughts on “Challenge Accepted

  1. Eleni-
    Thank you so much for doing this. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote. I know your name now so I hope you don’t mind me using it. Good luck!

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  2. I enjoyed this and I’m so flattered that you read my blog! I shall get to this asap (yes I’m procrastinating too!)


  3. Hello, you should follow my new blog (we followed each other on my last blog), it replaced the top comment one, Howareyoutrue, and i follow you on insta. 🙂

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